On 11 Aug 2012, at 22:52, Martin Spott wrote:

>> 3) Scenery.  Terrasync is now built into FG, and we have nice UI to
>> configure it in-sim.  However, it still requires users to set up a
>> separate directory and configure FG_SCENERY before it can be used.  It
>> would be great if the standard installers created an
>> $FG_ROOT/WorldScenery directory with the appropriate permissions, and
>> added it to $FG_SCENERY by default.
> As far as I can tell, the value of "/sim/terrasync/scenery-dir" was
> already supposed to be added to the Scenery path, but I don't know at
> which priority.

Right, this is all automatic now - has been since before 2.6 I think. At least 
on Mac I set a 'correct' directory - in Library/Application 
Support/FlightGear/Terrasync. Of course this is only a default, but for most 
users it's enough.

If there's bugs / edge-cases that are not working, please report them and they 
should be fixable, possibly with a couple of extra configuration options.

Usability was the main reason for making terrasync be available as in-process 
option, and I'm strongly considering doing the same thing for fgcom, although 
that has a few extra complications.

BTW, usability is also the reason I made the network options configurable 
inside the sim, and have been making more subsystems support a clean reset, so 
that it's possible to sanely control more behaviours with direct results in the 


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