On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 9:40 PM, Stuart Buchanan wrote:
> 2) Joystick configuration. All of the people reading this list are
> more than competent to write their own joystick XML config file, but
> it's something that I see huge numbers of posts about on the forum,
> from people who do not have enough knowledge to edit an XML file.  I'm
> now looking into whether we could configure joysticks within FG
> itself.  My aim is a UI to allow users to change bindings on-the-fly
> and save the results.

This is now checked in as the new Joystick Configuration item under
the Help menu, which replaces the Joystick Information dialog.

This dialog allows you to see what each of your axes and buttons do,
plus reconfigure your joystick in-sim with immediate feedback.

Updated joystick configuration files are written on-the-fly  to
$FG_HOME/Input/Joystick/,  which is now read from by FG when
the Input Subsystem is reloaded.   The dialog re-loads the input, so your
changes take effect immediately.

If you have some more complicated bindings, you should be able to
retain them by selecting "Custom" from the axis or button selector, but
this has had limited testing, and I suspect needs a bit more work to become

I've also got a bit more work to do adding instructions, and possibly a
deadband option, but the function is basically complete.

Feedback is welcome as always.

I've intentionally limited the set of axes and buttons that can be configured
to avoid over-loading new users.  If you feel there are important bindings
missing, please let me know.


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