Hi Curt and mirrors

I can’t download the OSX release from your servers. It’s always broken 
around +- 450 Mb. But anyway, I don’t know if it is worth to care about 
this download, the Mac release seems to be broken at all, there is a 
problem with subversion linking reported from many users at forums (this 
is the heavy change to be compatible with OSX 10.8, I know, it’s boring 
and I also know James is working very hard on this).

But is it worth just to kick out a release directly with heavy changes 
in distribution, without any testing and candidates before? I will 
really help to test and unfortunately I didn’t find the time the last 
days because of other work. And I’m willing to help users at forums and 
everywhere, but not without having some time for testing and another 
schedule, which is always widely accepted by OSX users btw. (see history 
of 2.0/2.4/2.6 macflightgear releases).


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