Hi All,

Inspired by the checklists provided for the excellent Cessna 337,
I've added generic checklist support to the GUI.

The GUI element is pretty straightforward, with a drop-down to select
a checklist and the checklist displayed as one would
expect:  http://wiki.flightgear.org/File:Aircraft_Checklists_dialog.jpg

Aircraft developers can simply add checklists by setting up properties
under /sim/checklists.  This is documented
in this wiki article: http://wiki.flightgear.org/Aircraft_Checklists,
and the c172p now includes and example.

I think this provides a much easier way to navigate and display
checklists than over-loading the Aircraft Help dialog,
as well as taking up minimal screen real-estate.

Hopefully as we move to using Canvas in the future we'll be able to
improve the checklist display to include a set of
dots linking the items.

Feedback and comments are welcome as always, particularly if any
aircraft developers would like any enhancements


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