Am 2012-09-22 11:37, schrieb HB-GRAL:
> Are there some plans to integrate some kind of a "webview" to the canvas 
> ? I remember there was some discussion about.

Yes, this is definitely something I want to support. Maybe in a first
step just a tiled map from files on the hard disk, but later also
fetching from an url should be possible. It should also be possible
instead of directly fetching the tiles from FlightGear just running an
external application which puts the files in a folder where FlightGear
finds them.

> In case there comes a webview the mapserver could provide pre-drawed and 
> referenced tiles as images for a background and i.e. only the plane(s) 
> needs to be drawn. Common maptools on a server based on the same data 
> could be used (I’m using mapnik myself) and I guess one don’t need to be 
> online all the time with possibilities of subversion and/or offline 
> caching probably ? Just as an idea to save "drawing resources".

I am also thinking about some kind of one-time canvas, where the
contents are just rendered once and afterwards can be used in an other
canvas as a texture and maybe even stored on the hard disk an reused the
next time FlightGear is started up.


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