On 20 Sep 2012, at 10:30, James Turner wrote:

> I think I should go the full way here, and make a NasalMetar object that can 
> be initialised as a location, and fires a Nasal callback when its data 
> changes, i.e when it loads. We have all the pieces for this already, and 
> glueing them together in this way would allow lots of interesting FMS and 
> other features.

I didn't make a Nasal metar-wrapper, because Torsten Dreyer already provided 
90% of what was needed with the MetarProperties object. What I have done, is 
slightly tweaked the API, so you can request metar to be exposed at any place 
in the property tree, via a new command.

(from nasal):
        fgcommand("request-metar", var n = props.Node.new({ "path": 
"/foo/mymetar", "station":"LOWI"}));

If you pass an existing path, the station ID will be updated, and if you pass 
the same station ID as before, no additional request is made. As usual for 
metar-properties, there's a time-to-live and valid flags you can check, and the 
metar refreshes automatically every 900 seconds. You can also write to the 
station ID directly to change station, update the time-to-live, and wait for 
the valid signal.

There's also an unregister command ('clear-metar') to cancel the binding into 
the property tree.

Feedback welcome as always!


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