Pedro Morgan wrote:

> Not a bash user, so this stuff is ,kinda new but a new builld script
> here (more options) and work in progress

Thanks, I'll check.

As a side note: I've started re-writing various Shell-scripts (mostly
the "gisscripts"-stuff in TerraGear) in Python, as an excercise as well
as to make things more platform-independent.  Thus if *I* were spending
the time to re-write the build-script for "The Manual" (I won't,
because there's so much other stuff to do  ;-) , I'd do it in Python.

> Quick question:
> Tex etc is new toerritory, but one curious question.. Where is the css
> generated.. cant figure it out !!!

LaTeX does it for you.  Watch the output of "htlatex" and you'll find

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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