in just about one month from now we are entering another round of the 
release process, starting with the four weeks feature freeze period.
This is probably a good time to check in all the great and fancy new 
features that still hide in your local branches.  I'd also like to see 
JSBSim synced before December, 17th.

How should we call our new baby? Is it 3.0.0 or is it 2.10.0? This is a 
carry-over from our last release and gets answered along with: "Is 
Rembrandt production ready?"

I'd also like to use the remaining four weeks to walk through the 
"Lessons Learned" section of our Release Plan 

Somebody was kind enough to add a few points worth thinking about:

1. A lack of stress testing.
We have a four weeks testing period with release binaries publically 
available, so I am not sure how to improve that. Do we need more 
testers? Do we need more time?

2. Lack of graceful feature scaling.
Is this really something we can solve in the release process?

3. Change of the NOAA METAR url
Also, this is more a bug or feature request than an issue with the 
release process

4. broken OSX downloads
Yes - we need to improve the OSX builds. Does Jenkins provide stable 
binaries or do we still need a manual build provided by James or Tat?

5. Irritation caused by code signing
Probably same as 4.?

6. GLSL errors
Probably just a special case of 1.

7. Missing files in the Windows build
Probably just a special case of 1.

8. Write the changelog ASAP
Yes - That can easily start right now. As it is just a simple wiki page, 
please contribute to

9. Lifting the code freeze for certain new features.
As a clarification: We do not enter a code freeze but a feature freeze. 
Code changes are welcome after December 17th as long as it is guaranteed 
(not just "unlikely") that they do not introduce any side effects and 
become a release blocker. It is the sole responsibility of the commiter 
to decide if that is the case or not. Every new feature that didn't make 
it into the respository by the deadline may probably easily wait for 
another four weeks to get commited. Remember: most aircraft are not 
affected by the feature freeze and aircraft developers quickly adopt and 
use new features as they become available.

10. Updating the wiki w.r.t. hardware recommendations
Yes - this is a task for everybody.

Last, but not least:
Will we be able to create release binaries for our three major platforms 
automatically and probably release candidates for them on a regular 
schedule (e.g. once a week) from the same code base using the same 
pre-release version number?

Thanks for reading that awfully long post ;-)


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