I've seen a couple of external radar clients for Flightgear being developed 
right now.
I think that these days, with the advent of Canvas and other improvements, it 
should be possible and desirable to have a realistic radar station inside 

At the moment, I'm only concerned about radar ranges and interference of 
terrain obstructions, weather, ground clutter.
For this purpose, I propose a template implementation of radar transceivers 
and transponders:
It is not possible to provide a detailed terrain picture on every antenna 
rotation. Sampling all terrrain 360 degrees around the station would cripple 
performance. Thus, I would just take all positions of aircraft inside the 
nominal range and perform radio calculations on them, using larger sampling 
distances and simpler routines for aircraft above a treshhold flightlevel.
If terrain around the antenna is obstructing the signal, or weather affects 
it, we can simulate that correctly.

Transponder responses are also a candidate for the new radio code. Like in 
reality, it is possible to have radar contact but lose transponder id because 
of radio issues.

Awaiting comments,

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