>     All in all, for my part it seems rather a 2.10 than a 3.0 - some of
>     the things which I'd like to see in 3.0 are done, but the majority
>     isn't yet.

This is probably true.
To get to the 3.0 goal sometime in the near future, it's probably a good 
idea to create a backlog of open items in the wiki and link the release 
plan document to that.

As usual, we don't have to be perfect for a new major release number. 
But the new features being the reason for the new major  number should 
work reasonably correct. I can't tell if that's the case for Rembrandt 
as I didn't have the time for any tests over the last 12 month or so.

I'll leave this discussion open until the feature freeze on Dec., 17th 
to come to a decision by that date.

Another decision to make is the set of aircraft to be packed into the 
base package. My sugestion is to keep the current set if this is going 
to be a 2.10 release and to reduce to just the c172 if we roll out 3.0.


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