On 11 Jun 2013, at 18:52, Anders Gidenstam <anders-...@gidenstam.org> wrote:

> I always use the separate terrasync binary since with it I only have to 
> suffer the initial startup synchronization once per day - and not for each 
> FG session.
> Will the separate terrasync binary use the new SVN replacement if I set 
> the new option?

The terrasync binary *should* use the new SVN, it's certainly technically 
feasible, I just didn't test yet.

Setting a refresh timeout is one of the things i want to do after 2.12 - 
probably 24 hours validity after a successful sync of a dir or tile, would give 
exactly the speed you want. (And greatly reduce trivial requests on the 
backend). But also once Airports/A..Z is synced, I'm going to convert it into a 
single Airports dir, and hence only one round-trip to update, *and* I'm 
planning to make syncing Airports, Models (and other data in the future, such 
as AI traffic), a separate HTTP engine from regular tiles, so tiles will 
validate quicker, not getting stuck behind 'slow' data.

Taken together these things *should* make regular terrasync fast enough for you 
I hope - if you disagree, or can think of other ways to improve it, please say.

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