I've pushed some code to Git, which will ultimately replace our use of libSvn, 
and hence simplify build and deployment, especially on Mac and Windows. This 
has an immediate benefit for end-users too: TerraSync will use pretty much half 
the disk space it currently does, since unlike a real SVN client, we don't need 
to keep two copies of each file locally.

In the longer term, there are many other improvements I will make - to reduce 
the number of network round-trips to check directories are in sync, to improve 
the interaction with the main thread so the splash screen waits for terrasync 
to update a location before finalising position, and others. These things will 
happen *after* 2.12, and once the code is tested everywhere.

First, I need some help; for people to rebuild simgear with -DSG_SVN_CLIENT=1, 
and mv / erase their TerraSync dir. Then simply run FGFS as normal, as if you 
were starting on a new machine / account with no previous use of TerraSync.

(Remember that TerraSync initially syncs the large Models and Airports dirs, 
which takes some time - be patient. Also expect some nav-cache rebuilds since 
the nav-cache will see the paths / stat-times change. This is nothing to do 
with the revised code, simply what happens if you change your TerraSync dir)

If the testing is mostly positive, I will consider making the option default to 
ON for 2.12, but if people report problems (which cannot be easily fixed!), I 
will be cautious and leave it OFF by default for 2.12. Soon after 2.12 
branches, 'next' will be switched to using the new code exclusively.

(BTW, the option to use rsync or external, command-line svnclient still exists, 
and will be retained - though I am curious if anyone still uses those options!)

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