On 09/14/2013 12:07 PM, James Turner wrote:
> Thanks, I'll apply these as-is to the 2.12 branch. For master/next, I
> think a slight re-factoring can make things cleaner. (E.g a
> simgear::strutils::sanitize_printf_format)

Nice, thanks.

> What is the recommended notification channel from Debian to here?

>From Debian to here? Whatever you like it to be. I reported issues on
this mailing list, before. That looked like the appropriate way to me.

>From here to Debian: we have a dedicated mailing list:
pkg-fgfs-c...@lists.alioth.debian.org. I would appreciate security
issues and update notifications being CC'd there. (Of course, I'm
loosely following the flightgear-devel mailing list as well, but...)

> Does
> it require someone here to register as the Debian maintainer for the
> flightgear packages, or something else?

Officially, flightgear is maintained as a team. I've been the most
active direct contributor, recently. With lots of help from Rebecca and


Markus Wanner

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