On 17 Sep 2013, at 10:41, Rick Armstrong <waitingfortheelectric...@gmail.com> 

> in CMake. My question: before I go down that road, does anyone know if the 
> JPG HTTPD functionality works? If yes, does it work well? The fact that it's 
> turned-off by default makes me think that it might not be ready for 
> prime-time.
> Any advice is greatly appreciated.

It's turned off for build reasons, not because it's new or untested. I believe 
many people have used it exactly the way you describe. If you encounter 
problems, they should be easy to fix and patches are welcome!

(The build reasons could actually be solved by using OSGDB to write out the 
files instead of using libjpeg directly - this would mean the feature could be 
enabled all the time, i.e removed from CMake, and also we could write out PNGs 
instead of JPEGs if desired - if you have any interested in doing this, I can 
point you at examples since the screenshot code was converted to do the same 
thing recently -it's probably a couple of hours hacking at most)

Kind regards,

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