Hello all,

I'm a developer using FlightGear in a simulation project for work, and I'm
currently getting imagery from FlightGear by triggering screenshots from my
application and loading the screen captures from disk. It's kinda Rube
Goldberg, but works well enough for a first draft. What I'd /really/ like
to do is stream the imagery directly to my application. Googling around, I
notice that there's a command-line option to do exactly this! It's not
enabled in v2.10, but some more searching and I see that it can be enabled
by setting


in CMake. My question: before I go down that road, does anyone know if the
JPG HTTPD functionality works? If yes, does it work well? The fact that
it's turned-off by default makes me think that it might not be ready for

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Rick Armstrong
Portland, OR, USA

P.S. We're using Windows 7 VS 2010 and would be looking to build 64-bit
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