Just to check, is the built-in SVN code effectively replacing the 
external SVN code (from libsvn-dev), or does it add something?

Saikrishna Arcot

On Fri 20 Sep 2013 12:53:02 PM EDT, James Turner wrote:
> Hello,
> A few people have reported crashes when using the built-in SVN client code, 
> especially on Linux (and potentially Windows too, which would be a problem, 
> as we shall see). Thomas identified something strange relating to whether we 
> were using built-in or the system Expat XML parser, and I finally realised 
> the dumb thing I'd done, and have cleaned up the problem. Hence the 
> refactoring that occurred in SimGear last night, so that we cannot (anymore) 
> end up in a situation where we get the Expat headers and symbols from 
> mismatching locations.
> The guess/hope is that this was previously causing subtle memory corruption 
> due to internal differences in Expat. However, it can only have been an issue 
> on Linux, not Windows - since Windows will never have a system-supplied 
> version.
> So, as I've previously asked before, I really need people running from 'next' 
> to try with -DSG_SVN_CLIENT=1 when configuring SimGear, move their existing 
> TerraSync dir out the way, and test, test, test. I'm sure the new code isn't 
> 100% trouble free (in particular I think there is still the occasional time 
> when it gets stuck not doing any more downloads until FG is restarted), but I 
> really don't want to move forwards with the code until I have a bit more 
> assurance it's not going to make everyone's setup crash 80% of the time, 
> which is what some people have reported.
> Note this applies even if you 'don't use' terrasync since the SVN sync engine 
> is going to be used for other pieces of data as soon as it's stable. (I will 
> be adding a new preference to globally control whether FG works in 
> online/offline mode, of course)
> Kind regards,
> James
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