On 4 Oct 2013, at 19:29, Markus Wanner <mar...@bluegap.ch> wrote:

> That smells like trouble from a packaging standpoint. It's usually not
> acceptable, because most of the time, the integrated library isn't
> getting the amount of support the original does.
> For Debian, I'll certainly have to consider reverting that change.

Well, that might be quick tricky - the replacement code is a tiny subset of 
what the libsubversion code does, and behaves differently -  which enables 
various features and different APIs which I'm planning to use going forwards. 

Just to be clear, I've replaced libsubversion, which is a full, read+write svn 
client library with support for history, logging, setting SVN properties and so 
on, with what is essentially a download engine which happens to speak the SVN 
protocol. (Which is the part of SVN we actually use). I haven't taken a copy of 
the libsubversion and forked/edited/trimmed it - it's completely unrelated 

Does that still cause problems under to policies described above?


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