On 13.03.2013 11:59, Mirko D. Comparetti wrote:

> The strange thing is that if I change Output in Input (...), it works 
> perfectly.

Okay, now we're coming closer, and now we REALLY need your
build environment and your FLTK version!

Let me guess:

(1) you're linking against the shared libs of FLTK ?
(2) you're probably using a FLTK version older than 1.3.2 ?

Note that FLTK 2.x is OLDER than any 1.3.x version, and that you
should definitely NOT use 2.0 or 3.0 (dev./pre-alpha version).

Please try to link statically and tell us the FLTK version.

If it's not 1.3.2 or later (svn), there may be missing c'tors
in the shared libs that have already been fixed.

If it's 1.3.2 or a later svn version, then you found another
missing c'tor, and we should fix this.

TIA for feedback ...


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