On 03/13/13 03:59, Mirko D. Comparetti wrote:
> The strange thing is that if I change Output in Input
> (in the non-pointer solution), it works perfectly.

        Sounds like when you get that error, the Makefile target
        isn't linking in libfltk.a (or -l fltk)

        I don't know cmake well enough to tell you what's wrong
        or why changing your app from Fl_Input -> Fl_Output breaks
        the build, as both widgets are defined in the libfltk.a library
        (or '-l fltk' link flag)

        Sounds like either something is magically changing your makefile
        between your working and non working build (you mentioned it builds
        OK with cmake "using the GUI" in your OP, which might be doing
        such magic generating makefiles on the fly) or a different make
        target is being used when you switched Fl_Input <-> Fl_Output.

        I'd suggest disabling .SILENT in your Makefile, or disabling
        whatever is preventing the compile + link lines from being
        printed in the 'make' output, as it's hiding the commands you
        need to see to tell what's wrong.

        Almost positive though that the error you're seeing is because
        its not linking in liblftk.a (or using -l fltk).
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