> > > Maximizing a window, then minimizing it to an icon in the taskbar,
> and
> > > then opening that same icon creates a window that covers up to the
> > > taskbar, but it is behind it.  The problem shows in all demos of
> > > fltk2.0.  Fltk1.2 seems fine.
> > > Can somebody help?
> >
> > Gonzalo,
> >
> > Do you *really* mean fltk2.0 and fltk1.2?
> >
> Sorry.  I meant fltk2.0 and fltk1.3.

Ah, right: OK, then note that the fltk-1.x was buggy in this area too, but a 
lot of work was done to try and resolve that.

In particular you need to look at the changes that went into fltk-1.3 in the 
Fl::screen_xywh(); and Fl::screen_work_area(); methods.

These were adjusted to take better account of the position of taskbars and so 
forth, and to do "more sensible" things in that regard.

Note that the changes were not limited to these functions - they propagated 
into many other places in the library where these functions were used (e.g. 
when computing the placement of menus and dialog boxes and so forth) so ended 
up being pretty involved.
I don't know what svn rev numbers are pertinent, but there were some relevant 
STR's that covered this work, so it may be possible to find those and see what 
was done.

I don't know fltk-2 well enough to say for sure, but I doubt that "importing" 
the fixes into fltk-2 would be trivial...!

Though, fltk3 may have the equivalent functionality now? Not sure.

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