> On 03/25/13 05:16, testalucida wrote:
> >  _____
> > /    x\  o
> >
> > I'm interested in click "x" but not in click "o".
>     What Ian said, and I'd offer that setting when(FL_WHEN_NOT_CHANGED)
>     /should/ work for your case, but does not.

Yes; I tried that too, to no avail...

However, I now think we may be missing a real easy trick here.

Fl_Tabs has an (apparently undocumented) public method which() that takes (int 
event_x, int event_y) and returns non-zero if it hits a valid tab...

Well, I think that's what it does, anyway...

So, harking back to testalucida's original query, he had the event positions 
from his handle() method, so this might be enough to get him sorted out?

>     This is probably a bug in Fl_Tabs; I opened STR#2939
> <http://fltk.org/str.php?L2939>
>     and suggested a patch there which makes that work, e.g.

Looks about right - though I do wonder if it is a bug or not?
Do we want to be able to "reselect" an already selected tab? Dunno...

Though if FL_WHEN_NOT_CHANGED is set, maybe it should allow the tab to be 

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