On 04/04/13 02:52, MacArthur, Ian (Selex ES, UK) wrote:
>> I tried to show some html-text for help, but Fl_Helpview doesn't take
>> care of <br> and mucks up formatting. Doc tells, Fl_Helpview should
>> take care of <br>, shouldn't it?
> Hmm, yes, that does seem a bit broken...
> As a hackaround, it looks like replacing <b> with <p></p> seems to do 
> something... Any good?

    Yes, <P> should give you a paragraph break.

    But sometimes you want to put two, three, or four blank lines.
    Another trick that seems to work is to inject &nbsp; between the <BR>s, eg:

single space<BR>single space
double space<BR>&nbsp;<BR>double space
triple space<BR>&nbsp;<BR>&nbsp;<BR>triple space

    It'd be good if we could fix adjacent <BR>'s though.

    I recall our html parser's source being a bit tricky to grok,
    but I think I worked on a small part of it once.. will see if
    I can figure this one out.
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