On 04/04/13 09:44, Manolo Gouy wrote:
>>     It'd be good if we could fix adjacent <BR>'s though.
>>     I recall our html parser's source being a bit tricky to grok,
>>     but I think I worked on a small part of it once.. will see if
>>     I can figure this one out.
> I've seen that commenting out line 657 of file src/Fl_Help_View.cxx
> seems to fix this problem. But does this have other negative effects?

        Comment out the 'hh = 0;' line? Interesting:

          else if (strcasecmp(buf, "BR") == 0)
            if (line < 31)
              line ++;
            xx = block->line[line];
            yy += hh;
            hh = 0;             // <-- COMMENT THIS OUT

        That does seem to allow multiple <BR>s to work.

        But also seems to badly affect the document height calculations
        such that the scrollbar doesn't let one reach the bottom of the 

        For instance:

#include <FL/Fl_Help_Dialog.H>
int main() {
  Fl_Help_Dialog *help = new Fl_Help_Dialog();
  help->value("single aaa<br>single bbb<br>single ccc"
              "<br><br>double ddd<br><br>double eee<br><br>double fff"
              "<br><br><br>triple ggg<br><br><br>triple hhh<br><br><br>triple 
              "<br><br><br><br>quad jjj<br><br><br><br>quad 
kkk<br><br><br><br>quad lll"
  return (0);

        With 657 left alone, one can view the above document up to the last 
line (END)
        using the scrollbar.

        But with 657 commented out, the document becomes larger (due to the 
extra lines
        the working <BR>'s now do), but the bottom lines are cut off in the 
        and there's no scrollbar. One can enlarge the window vertically to see 
the missing

        Perhaps block->h needs to be adjusted for this to work correctly.
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