> Can I use FLTK to develop a GUI with panels where I can, for example,
> drag
> & drop different tabs from different dialogs/panels to other
> dialogs/panels
> - in short, move action items to menus, toolbars, panels, create new
> panels, etc. That is, can I use FLTK to create a dynamic GUI like that
> of
> MS-Office? I can use the most advanced object-oriented design
> techniques
> but I do want to know if FLTK does have the required functions.

The glib answer is yes, you can do this.

The more detailed answer is that you need to do a fair bit of groundwork first, 
since the native fltk widgets don't support that behaviour out of the box, so 
you need to derive your own container (e.g. from Fl_Group) that can handle the 
drag/drop events associated with moving the widgets form one to the other, and 
then do the various widget add/remove operations as required.

Also, note that fltk has no "layout manager" per se, other than Fl_Pack (which 
I don't much like) so your container widgets would have to manage the 
positioning of their children as widgets are added and removed. Though Fl_Pack 
might be good enough for your needs?

There are "worked examples" of this "out in the wild".

Indeed, if you have used fluid much to do GUI designs, you will have seen that 
you can drag and drop widgets from the fluid toolbar onto your GUI, and move 
them about.

The concepts there are the same, pretty much...

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