I have been watching this space for nearly 90 seconds and nothing has happened yet. Is that normal? Fortunately, I have taken your instruction to heart and have not been holding my breath.
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Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2004 1:25 PM
Subject: FLUXLIST: roger,alan and the venusians

yesterday, saturday the 31st january  i had the great pleasure of spending the day with roger stevens and his wife jill, here in vence.  well not actually here, as i'm not actually in venice, just very,very close.  roger and jill are in venice, however.  he's just phoned asking for the address of the restaurant we didn't go to last night.
not that that's of any great consequence.  although it might be if the restaurant nic and i raved about turns out to be i) closed ii) fully booked iii) crap
we (nic and i had) a lovely day.  i recommend heartliy a day in their company!
true to form i forgot to take my camera so ni pics.  roger and jill did have a camera and took 2 pictures!
i intend to produce a drawn record of the day, so watch this space.
don't hold your breath....
but watch this space!
more to follow

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