I think that I need to post some clarification to the list regarding my views expressed towards Secret Fluxus.
1) I should state from the outset that I admired this group a great deal when they joined and began posting to the fluxlist.
2) I continue to admire Secret Fluxus a great deal. Their dedication to performing fluxus works, and to preserving the historical fluxus work and perspective is admirable, respectable and is a welcome addition to fluxlist.
3) My attraction to fluxlist was, and continues to be the new works and ideas put forth in the list. I enjoy the discussions about fluxus history, but enjoy the dynamics of new fluxus activity even more.
4) My critique of some Secret Fluxus postings is that they seem to put fluxus completely into the past tense, relegating it to history, whereas I love the idea that people like Ken Friedman, George Maciunas, and Yoko Ono started an activity/movement/idea that developed a life of its own and continues to grow, develop, evolve, and thrive. I have been disappointed by what I have perceived however as an unwillingness on the part of Secret Fluxus to acknowledge that Fluxus is much more than only a historical movement in need of preservation.
5) As Ken Friedman stated in his essay "Forty Years of Fluxus";
"Fluxus has been able to grow because it's had room for dialogue and transformation. It's been able to be born and reborn several times in different ways. The fluid understanding of its own history and meaning, the central insistence on dialogue and social creativity rather than on objects and artifacts have enabled Fluxus to remain alive on the several occasions that Fluxus has been declared dead."
6) Long live Fluxus!
Allan Revich

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