Deer Owl,

You are cordially invited to see Allan Revich's portrait of Secret Fluxus on
the Freeformfreakout Organisation's 'Portrait of Secret Fluxus' page.
Musical accompanymente will be provided by that lovable trio, the 'FFFO Nuts
and Bolts Rooftop Coffee House Hurdy Gurdy Quartet' whose piece 'FFFO midi
portrait of Secret Fluxus' may also be heard and in fact, for the desperate,
be downloaded from the aforementioned webpage.

After viewing this page we recommend a trip around the rest of the site.
(Warning! Dust allergy sufferers may be wise to avoid 99% of the site which
hasn't seen hide nor hair of a visitor for years.  Some pages may be rusted
shut, but patience, conviction, curiosity and application of a firm elbow
charge or indeed the old size nine, will sharp remedy that.)

We bid you all a splendid day and must now retire for our nap, the hand of
the afternoon clock move onward, ever onward toward aperativo time, and we
must repose.


Stan Andolly
Very close friend of the secretary of Anna Wombal FFFO and all that Div.

yep the domain is still out of service, credit card
address conflicts!! bodes well doesn't it?!?

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