Dear Sirzandmadamz,

The Freeformfreakout Organisation 'Yes, even on a Sunday'  Division are
exceedingly pleased to present more splendid additions to the 'Portrait of
Secret Fluxus' webpages.  Todays contributions come from:  Caterina Davinio,
Roger Stevens, Luc Fierens and  Kathy Forer.
Go to to
peruse at your leisure these new images and more.

Remember the FFFO POSF Div accepts text and sound files as well as images
and all major credit cards.

N.B.  All contributors are cordially invited to send any further information
they wish to see accompany their pieces, If they so wish.  Such information
could include a brief statement regarding their entry, a short biography,
email and URL links, or in fact anything else they see fit.

Grazie e Buona Domenica

Anna Wombal (for 'tis she! - working on a Sunday too!)

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