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  UBUWEB :: Summer 2006


The Films of Jack Goldstein (MP4) Ten rarely seen short films made between 1974 
and 1978:
"Portrait of Pere Tanguy" (1974), Shane, Butterflies, The Knife, Ballet Shoe, 
White Dove,
The Chair, MGM (all 1975), Bone China (1976) and The Jump (1978). The long-term
significance of Jack Goldstein's artistic achievement is only now becoming 
evident. In
his life and work, Jack, who committed suicide in San Bernardino in March 2003 
at the age
of fifty-seven, articulated the profound anxiety dominating an era of 
spectacle, as the
open-ended Conceptual practices that characterized the '70s gave way to an
appropriation-based return to narrative imagemaking. His films, 45 rpm records,
paintings, text pieces, and performances formed a hinge between the end of one 
decade and
the beginning of another, articulating elements of both while refusing to be 
contained by
either. You can listen to Goldstein's recordings here.

György Ligeti: Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes (AVI): Video from an ARTE 
broadcast of Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes. Since its world premiere in 
Netherlands in 1963, Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes has been very rarely 
in public. The complicated scenographic staging, the detailed preparation by 
hand, the
need for around ten technicians to activate more or less simultaneously the 100
metronomes, makes the demand for performances limited. Also, György Ligeti: 
Portrait, A
Documentary by Michel Follin (1993). The Hungarian composer György Ligeti's 
typifies the displaced cosmopolitan, truly at home only in the international 
community of
music. Appropriately enough, this revealing film portrait of his life and music 
has a
train journey as its central metaphor, with Ligeti gazing through the window 
onto the
changing middle-European landscape. His music - innovative, complex, 
brilliantly eclectic
- accompanies his reflections and memories. (French, no subtitles).

GreyLodge: UbuWeb's New Partner UbuWeb is pleased to announce our new alliance 
with the
incredible avant-garde resource GreyLodge, home of the Grey Lodge Occult Review 
G-Pod. Over the past year, we have shared a similar aesthetic and have mirrored 
other's content. Now, with the two sites partnering, you will see an increase 
in new film
and audio offerings on UbuWeb, as well as a great increase in bandwidth and 
stability for GL users. Welcome GreyLodge!

The Cut-Up Films of William S. Burroughs (1963-1972) (AVI): Five seminal films 
Burroughs in collaboration with Anthony Balch: William Buys a Parrot (1963), 
Towers Open
Fire (1963), Ghost at n°9 (Paris) (1963-1972) Bill and Tony (1972) and The 
(1966). You can also listen to audio by Burroughs and read his Electronic 

Vienna Actionist Films 1967-1970 (MP4): Twenty-one films by Otto Muehl and 
Otmar Bauer.
Includes Meuhl's Manopsychotisches Ballett (1970), Investmentfonds (1970), 
Party (1970), Stille Nacht (1969), Kardinal (1967), Psycho-Motorische 
(1967), Wehrertüchtigung (1967), Scheißkerl (1969), Oh Sensibility (1967), Der 
Wotan (1970) and Satisfaction (1968) by Muehl - Schwarzkogler - Brus; also 
Bauer's Zeigt
(1969), Impudenz Im Grunewald (1969) and 20.September (1967); Kurt Kren's 
Cosinus Alpha
(1966), Leda und der Schwan (1964), Mama und Papa (1964), O Tannenbaum (1964); 
Nitsch's 6 Tage Spiel - Das Orgien Mysterien Theater, Day 3: Day of Dionysus 
(1998). You can also listen to Otto Muehl's Psycho Motorik & Ein Schrecklicher 
LPs (MP3) from 1971 as well as two interviews by Hermann Nitsch (MP3), one from 
1975 and
the other from 1999.

FluxFilms (1962 - 1970): UbuWeb is pleased to announce the return of FluxFilms. 
from the sixties and compiled by George Maciunas (1931-1978, founder of 
Fluxus), this is
a document consisting of 37 short films ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes 
in length.
These films (some of which were meant to be screened as continuous loops) were 
shown as
part of the events and happenings of the New York avant-garde. Made by the 
artists listed
above, they celebrate the ephemeral humor of the Fluxus movement.Films by Nam 
June Paik,
Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Chieko Shiomi, John Cavanaugh, James Riddle, 
Yoko Ono,
George Brecht, Robert Watts, Pieter Vanderbiek, Joe Jones, Eric Anderson, Jeff 
Wolf Vostell, Albert Fine, George Landow, Paul Sharits, John Cale, Peter 
Kennedy, Mike
Parr, Ben Vautier. (MPEG)

Ferdinand Kriwet Hörspiels: Three unreleased legendary Hörspiels from the late 
60s and
early 70s, originally broadcast on German radio: Apollo America (1969), a sound 
of the events of Apollo 11, mostly recorded off of New York radio; and Voice of 
(1970), a snapshot of American media at the beginning of the 1970s. Also 
included is an
early work for mulitple voices, Jaja (1965). You can browse Kriwet's prescient 
works in UbuWeb's Historical section.

Ethnopoetics Update: UbuWeb Ethnopoetics editor Jerome Rothenberg has supplied 
us with a
fresh batch of poems and essays including: Yunte Huang's essay with visuals of 
inscribed on walls by Chinese immigrants at Angel Island, San Francisco; Dennis 
A Conversation with Madness (translation) from The Human Work, the Human 
Design: 2,000
Years of Mayan Literature; an essay by Greek artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis on 
writing systems & art making (French); Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's concrete 
translation of an Ojibwa poem Song of the Owl; Dinita Smith on Incantations, a 
book of original writings in Tsotzil by Mayan women; Ambar Past's Introduction 
to the
Tzotzil Mayan Incantations book; and The People's Poetry Language Initiative -- 
Declaration Of Poetic Rights And Values, Ethel Waters’ That Dada Strain (1922); 
and The
Signifying Monkey: Two Versions of a Toast.

Primary Texts of American and British Conceptual Art (1965-1971): Dozens of 
statements, interviews and theories of conceptual art by the first wave of 
Including texts by Art & Language, Terry Atkinson, Robert Barry, Mel Bochner, 
Buren, Victor Burgin, Dan Graham, Hans Haacke, Doublas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, 
Morris, Sol Lewitt, Adrian Piper, Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Lawrence Weiner and 

Steve Roden "Soundwalk" (2005) [MP3]: Recordings documenting a live five-hour 
by Los Angeles-based artist Steve Roden aka In Be Tween Noise. Roden writes, 
"On the
evening of the event, the audience entered the space to find few old rugs 
covering the
dance floor, and a couple of small lamps with low watt bulbs. From my 
windowless little
cardboard shelter hidden in a corner, i had no idea what was going on in the 
space; and
most of the visitors assumed they were listening to a pre-recorded 
installation... the
piece was playing through speakers located roughly 10 feet above the audience 
reflecting off a dome ceiling back down to the listeners below."

Henri Chopin Videos: UbuWeb is pleased to present four films of sound poet 
Henri Chopin
(b. 1922): Henri Chopin at Home (13.9 mb, .MOV), Henri Chopin at The Garage 
(293.9 mb,
.MOV); Henri Chopin Live at Espcace Gantner (204.3 mb, .MOV); Undated Henri 
Performance (19.3 mb, .MOV). Also see UbuWeb's vast collection of Chopin MP3s. 
All videos
courtesy of Erratum

Roland Barthes: "Comment vivre ensemble" (1977) and "Le Neutre" (1978) [MP3]: 
Over 36
hours worth of lectures by Roland Barthes (1915-1980). The audio material 
available here
represents the whole lectures given by Barthes during his first 2 years' 
teaching at the
Collège de France in 1977 and 1978, and also his inaugural lecture about the 
question of
power (and the way it is inscribed in the core of the language). 

--- Summer 2006 :: NEW ADDITIONS ---

Softpalate Gertrude Stein 3 New Interpretations of Stein's "Geography & Plays" 
by Robert
Quillen Camp, [N]+Semble (Talan Memmott), and Ergo Phizmiz

Cinema of Transgression Early 1980s Lower East Side Films: Kern, Moritsugu, 
Wojnarowicz, etc.

Walerian Borowczyk Short Films, 1957-84

Jerry Tartaglia Ecce Homo, 1989

George Landow (aka Owen Land) Three Films, 1965-70

Erik Satie Pièces pour Guitare, (played by Pierre Laniau, 1982) (MP3)

Paul McCarthy Black and White Tapes, 1972 (MP4)

Terry Fox The Children's Tape, 1974 (MP4)

Bruce Nauman Stamping in the Studio, 1968 (MP4)

Mauricio Kagel Blues Blue, 1981 (AVI)

Charlemange Palestine Island Song, 1976 (MP4)

Richard Serra Boomerang, 1974 (MP4)

Alfred Leslie The Last Clean Shirt, 1964 (AVI)

Penelope Umbrico Recent Web Works

Stefan and Franciszka Themerson Films, 1937-1944 (AVI)

David Rimmer Surfacing the Thames, 1970 (AVI)

Agnes Varda Black Panthers - Huey!, 1968 (AVI)

Jorge Luis Borges The Mirror Man (AVI)

Cornelius Cardew "Towards an Ethic of Improvisation" (1971)

John Cage & Morton Feldman In Conversation, 1967 (MP3)

Bernd Alois Zimmermann Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu (1968) (MP3)

Hermann Bohlen Gekaut!! (Bis es von alleine herunterläuft) (MP3)

Eric Rosolowski WMD (2006)

Ghérasim Luca Radio France Broadcasts: Passionnément & Une vie une oeuvre 
(2005) [MP3]

Phil Niblock Hannah Weiner, 1975 (Real Video)

Phil Niblock Armand Schwerner, 1973 (Real Video)

Guy Debord Hurlements en faveur de Sade 1952, (AVI)

People Like Us & Felix Kubin Molaradio, 2004 [MP3]

Elana Mann & Adam Overton Conversation Pieces: February 13-17, 2006 [PDF]

Kenneth Goldsmith & Conceptual Poetics Essays by Perloff, Dworkin, Bök and 
others (2005)

Viking Eggeling Symphonie Diagonale (1924) [AVI]

Hans Richter Filmstudie (1926) [AVI]

Samuel Beckett Not I (with Billie Whitelaw, 1971)  [AVI]

Mauricio Kagel ACUSTICA for experimental sound-producers and loud-speakers 
(1971) [MP3]

Steve Benson The Ball // 30 Times in 2 Days (2006) [PDF]

Craig Douglas Dworkin Legion (II) (2006) [PDF]

Fluxus Anthology 2006 A collection of music and sound events assembled by Walter
Cianciusi for Fluxlist (2006) [MP3]

Jelle Meander & Maja Jantar Maiandros Sonoros (2005); Live in Geneva & Brussels 


Featured UbuWeb Resources: Summer 2006
Selected by David Grubbs

1. Craig Douglas Dworkin, "Unheard Music" [PDF]
2. Henry Flynt Interview by Kenneth Goldsmith on WFMU
3. John Cage and Morton Feldman in Conversation
4. Luc Ferrari France Culture Tributes and Documentaries
5. Marcel Broodthaers, "Interview with a Cat"
6. Dan Graham, "Performer/Audience/Mirror"
7. Marjorie Perloff, "The Music of Verbal Space: John Cage's 'What You Say'"
8. Mike Kelley, "The Peristaltic Airwaves"
9. Erik Satie, "Pieces pour Guitare"
10. Hanne Darboven, "Opus 17a"

David Grubbs is known for his solo musical work, as well as for collaborations 
Stephen Prina, Susan Howe, Tony Conrad, Angela Bulloch, Will Oldham, and many 
others. He
is a professor of Radio and Sound Art at Brooklyn College and directs the Blue 
record label.

 UBUWEB :: Summer 2006


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