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Coming in from my longtime home in New York I arrived in Venice just in

time to have an evening with Emmett Williams and Ann Noel. We had an

endless night of long talk and tall drinks and his health though frail

is better than any of my friends of his vintage. Salute Emmett and Ann

Noel who are off to do her diaries in Venice with Francesco Conz.

The first event at the museo Fortuny was not possible without a friend

Alan Bowman whom I located on the rolldeck at the Foundation Emily

Harvey and seemed to remember having met in New York. Everyone wants

to help and is very kind here but some actually do put the proverbial

shoulder to the wheel and do it. That is Alan. We are very labor

compatible and with wit and knowledge of the terrain (Venice) he has

been indispensible. We plan to work together again. He actually rolls

along over and under it all and comes out smiling, so I call him

Always Bowling and he calls me with equal appropriateness, Owl and


The performance went well with two of my own works: Loose Pages which

papers the body in flax and crackles when walking, Onion Skin Song

which turns a sandwich of onion skins in seran wrap into musical

notation (played with toys, bean turners). We used the shadows on the

crumbling lovely walls to play from, but then also the onion skin

sandwich itself(which we created live on the floor) we could turn and

use as well.

The concert concluded with three Vintage Fluxus works full of

significance but with no specific meaning: a Dick Higgins Constellation

(three of them with audience participation), Shoes of Your Choice (with

much audience participation) and Ay-O's Rainbow ( three performers

blowing bubbles while I lept about bursting with pins). For whatever

reason Lucio Pozzi said this made him weep! It was lovely with bubbles

floating about in marble halls. The concert ended with Bob Watts Trace

for Orchestra. We burned the Barber of Seville at the music stand. This

is a fine piece.

The next day I left for the Villa Buttafava with Giovanni Orsini to put

up an installation in the Villa and get out of Venice for three days.

Putting instruments and artifacts, stones and beans plus his miracle

fabric luminex into an old window with a plexi backing which we then

hung on the wall. This installatain and in fact all I am doing here has

the title Time Samples. Let's keep it simple as Robert (filliou) would


Signor Orsini is of a very old family. In fact his ancestor Felix

invented the "Orsin". this bomb relieved the world of Napoleon 111!

Now, back in Venice, Always Bowling and I have just the Exhbition Time

Samples ahead next week. we have lizards here, ants a'plenty and now

mosquitoes. We try to be friendly with these creatures, we are,

afterall the intruders.

Nice to talk to the Fluxlist again.


Alison (akijan)

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