O o
o clock o damp o drip o fuel o spore
o door o jewel o lip o camp o sock
o melt o grime o slug o snore o junk
o bunk o sore o bugs o time o felt
o mine o cramp o jump o heap o blast
o last o seep o hump o damp o crime
Too ls
rake an fork ,dang ring ,plunge roof ,crime
salads ,fence yr peeling ,lunge habit ,fire
pencil ,armpit full of grease ,the leg hopped
out ,spoon skull ,deck sugar ,plap knocked
yr phoning off ,each and each and each an
driody grinning on the sodden pages ,spoon an shovel
the mat the tress the mat the tress the mat the
chest the mat the slop stab bundled in the
mat the crest muddied with yr soup the
slap the dress the darkened window stoma
che ladled lake yr oiled pillow luggage
grimed the tress the mat the tress the mat the trees
beef cough ,yr s tongue shoe lint a
hammock in the seep chug lake yr tam pon
maze why nabber smoke why runty index
?blab an pile ,nape an c luster fog ,peeing
in the bush the sandwich drains  .long hob of
pond you breathe ,ambling in the grease

John M. Bennett

Dr. John M. Bennett     
Curator, Avant Writing Collection
Rare Books & Manuscripts Library
The Ohio State University Libraries
1858 Neil Av Mall
Columbus, OH 43210 USA

(614) 292-3029

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