Dear Mihai:
Hello and welcome to you! Thank you for contacting and i am very happy for you you met Alison Knowles and Alan. I have never met either--I did meet Dick Higgins in 1997 and spoke a bt with him and heard two talks he gave. The other Fluxus person I have met is Nam June Paik--i audited a class he taught at MIT in the late 1970's. Alison Knowles' published notebooks are a great inspiration to me.
          Do you also make fluxus works, art works of your own?
           "enchante de faire votre connaisance"!
                 un fort embrace fluxien!

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:48:24 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear all,

I'm glad to have had a first contact a real one with Alison Knowles and his imponderable objects.

I would like to exchane informations and news about the actual fluxus manifestations.

I think the fluxus will never diminue or disapear. It's a decalque of life.

Thanks to accept me among you.

Alan Bowman , a young sustainer and in love with this marvelous etat d'esprit, put me in contact with the Fluxuslist members. I've paid him a visit In Venice at the foundation.

Mihai Spacovschi

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