Just to zero in on one idea here

>  Anyway I digress... have you had a look at this file?:
>  http://piumarta.com/software/maru/maru-2.1/test-pepsi.l
>  Just read the whole thing - I found it fairly interesting :) He's build
> pepsi on maru there... that's pretty fascinating, right? Built a micro
> smalltalk on top of the S-expression language... and then does a Fast
> Fourier Transform test using it...
>   my case: looked some, but not entirely sure how it works though.

See the comment at the top:

./eval repl.l test-pepsi.l

eval.c is written in C, it's pretty clean code and very cool. Then eval.l
does the same thing in a lisp-like language.

Was playing with the Little Schemer with my son this weekend - if you fire
up the repl, cons, car, cdr stuff all work as expected.

Optionally check out the wikipedia article on PEGs and look at the COLA
paper if you can find it.

Anyhow, it's all self-contained, so if you can read C code and understand a
bit of Lisp, you can watch how the syntax morphs into Smalltalk. Or any
other language you feel like writing a parser for.

This is fantastic stuff.

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