I'm using the AWTRenderer to print documents. Portrait pages are fine but
I'm having problems with landscape pages.

I have a very basic Printable subclass that calls the AWTRenderer's
printing methods.
If the pageHeight < pageWidth I'd like to rotate the page 90 degrees. 

The 'transform' method seems to be a utility to do just that.

 public int print(Graphics g,java.awt.print.PageFormat pf, int pageIndex)
throws java.awt.print.PrinterException {
        if (pageHeight < pageWidth) {
            transform ( (Graphics2D)g, 100, 90);
        return super.print(g,pf,pageIndex);

But this does not change anything. The method manipulates the g2d's
AffineTransform, would it be expected to work in this context?

Any help is appreciated,


Martin Batty

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