At 10:14 AM 5/31/01 +0100, John McKeown wrote:
>Hi all
>This posting is a little bit off-topic but may be of interest to some people
>on the list. The XML Europe 2001 conference took place in Berlin last week
>(May 21-25). This year the conference organisers decided to produce an
>electronic version of the conference proceedings and no print version (in
>recent years they have produced both electronic and print versions).
>The proceedings contain both HTML and PDF versions of each paper. The PDF
>versions were created using Apache FOP and style sheets based on the DocBook
>XSL style sheets from Norman Walsh ( The proceedings were
>distributed on CD-Rom to each attendee and are also available online at
> The main page contains a search
>engine and links to a number of index pages for navigating the proceedings.
>A link to the PDF version of each paper is provided at the top of the HTML
>page for that paper. The PDF versions use an embedded font (Arial Unicode)
>and in some cases when the PDF file is opened within a browser any text that
>uses the embedded font is not displayed. However, clicking the browser
>refresh button will cause the text to be displayed. Can anyone comment on
>what might cause this behaviour?

No answers yet, but I do observe that IE (I tested versions 5.0 and 5.5) are 
the ones having serious problems in this regard. I can't even refresh to see 
the embedded fonts, and IE stalls out when trying to save the PDFs to disk.

Netscape (4.08, even, I might add, which I use) very cleanly displays the 
PDF document in the browser, and also saves perfectly well. No refreshing 

This is with the latest Acrobat Reader (standalone and browser plugins): 5.0.

Arved Sandstrom

P.S. How is it that lots of people think IE is the better browser? :-)
What was that reason again? Remind me....
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