This is known bug in 0.18.1 which is fixed in current CVS version so 
get current CVS.


On 1 Jun 2001, at 9:13 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote about FOP page definition :

> Hi,
> Could you help me, I still have problem with the pagination of the
> document. I have to generate a PDF file starting from a XML document.
> First I generate the FO file and then I use the DRIVER of the FOP apps
> package. I use the same page definition for all pages; I need a
> region-before of 7cm and a region-after of 3.5cm
>     <fo:simple-page-master master-name="first" page-width="21cm"
> page-height="29.7cm"
>      margin-top="0.5cm" margin-bottom="0.5cm" margin-left="0.8cm"
> margin-right="0.8cm">
>       <fo:region-body margin-top="7cm" margin-bottom="3.5cm"/>
>       <fo:region-before extent="7cm"/>
>       <fo:region-after extent="3.5cm"/>
>     </fo:simple-page-master>
> The problem is that the top margin works well, but the bottom margin is
> wrong! The page breaks at ~9cm from the bottom. I use the last version
> of FOP (Fop-0.18.1-DEV) and my pages have only tables, different column
> width and different borders. I have the impression that the calculation
> have problem, could be possible? I have another remarks: on the header I
> use a table, the cell of this table have another internal table
> definition with different number of rows. When I define the
> region-before by 7cm, the PDF could not include all the information,
> some rows are printed on the next page (the used space is less then
> 7cm); If I extend the region by 10cm, all the information are printed
> correctly and the effective height is less then 7cm again. here the two
> exemple:
>  <<prova7cm.pdf>>  <<prova10cm.pdf>> 
> Maybe I miss some definition, which one?
> For your information, if I use the same *.fo file with the demo version
> of XEP - Renderx the pagination is correct!
> Thanks
> Bye Stefano
> Stefano Bianda
> Dipl. El. Ing. ETHZ
> Analista programmatore
> La Posta Svizzera
> Information Technology Services 161
> Advanced Project Engineering
> Viale Stazione 15
> Casella postale 2749
> CH-6501 Bellinzona
> Tel. +41 (0)91 807 69 24
> Fax  +41 (0)91 807 69 25

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