Hi Marc,

I'm assuming that the example below is the "short text" for the first
column. It seems to work fine with today's CVS version, ie. the column
seems to have the correct width. Which version of fop are you using? If
you are using a recent version, perhaps you could send the complete FO
(or at least your page masters + table). Off the top of my head, I can't
imagine why you would get this behavior.

Karen Lease

> Marc Jenzer wrote:
> What do I wrong or what can I do better? I define in the below example
> that the first column should be 133mm long. If the text for the first
> column is short, fop shrink this first column to 60 mm. If the text is
> longer, than it work's fine.
> <fo:table>
>     <fo:table-column column-width="133mm"/>
>     <fo:table-column column-width="8mm"/>
>     <fo:table-body>
>         <fo:table-row>
>             <fo:table-cell><fo:block>My Col
> 1</fo:block></fo:table-cell>
>             <fo:table-cell><fo:block text-align="end">My Col
> 2</fo:block></fo:table-cell>
>         </fo:table-row>
>     </fo:table-body>
> </fo:table>
> Any suggestion?
> Thanks
> Marc

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