I would like to add Korean HYGoThic-Medium-Acro Font which is supplied from Adobe.

How Can I add this font for FOP ?

Also I trying to add Korean True Type Font GULIM.TTC , it include 4 fonts "Gulim, etc 
When I read the ttc file , I set -ttcname "Gulim" option.
But the ioexception happened.
The reported font name by TTRReader includes "Gulim". 
The System.out.println shows same name but the String length is 2 times longer than my 
input value.
So I made the xml file by force ( modified the TTFFile.java )
And the generated cid embed metrics xml file report the font-name tag as follows

Because of this &#0; I couldn't sucess adding this Font.

How can I adding this True Type font ?

Comment will be appreciated.


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