Hi all,

this may be a rookie question....hope you can help.

I can run Fop (0.18.0) perfectly from the command line.   I created a style
sheet (xsl file), which converts the xml file.  On the command line, I input
the xsl file, the xml file, and state the name for the pdf file.

Now I'm trying to run Fop from within method in my JAVA program.   This
doesn't seem to work.  Here's the code.   Can someone tell me what I'm doing
wrong?   Is it okay to run Fop this way?   My classpath is set up properly
(it runs on the command line).

Here's the code..............Thanks in advance for any help.

                String [] pdfParams = new String[6];
                pdfParams[0] = "-xsl";
                pdfParams[1] = xslFile;
                pdfParams[2] = "-xml";
                pdfParams[3] = xmlFile;
                pdfParams[4] = "-pdf";
                pdfParams[5] = pdfFile;

Steve Olivieri

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