1. Try setting the background colo(u)r of the cell to white or whatever your 
colo(u)r is.
2. dont understand wheat you mean
3. Yes. http://xml.apache.org/from-cvs/xml-fop/  ...download the latest from 
here and then read how to build fop here... 
Hope this helps.

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I am a new user of FOP. Could any one help me with the following 
problems I am facing: 

1. Trying to display a table with several columns, but when the contents 
in each cells are only BLANKs, the height of the table shrinks to almost 
zero. I want to keep the size of height as the non-BLANKs, what should I 

2. I need to convert the XML files to a standard information form, which 
has several sections and each section has several lines. Each line 
contains several "comb-shaped" forms. How can I use images to tile the 
background of the text contents? 

3. Is there any way I can get the latest FOP source code in a JAR file? 

Thanks a lot 


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