I want to get started using FOP by creating a form-filling application.
I have a collection of industry-standard forms that I would like to
model with formatting objects, possibly with embedded SVG. The important
goal is to separate the complex fixed part of the form, and retain easy
access to elements that represent form-filling data.

The forms in question are dense with precise line/box layout, but
there's nothing that would tax the SVG-subset support in FOP. I'll need
SVG for one non-box graphical element, I know already. Is there a major
speed hit if SVG is introduced? Can FOP easily manipulate text boxes at
a precise location to fit within SVG-drawn borders, or is there too much
of a disconnnect?

My only reference to date is this article.

What is the best tool and strategy to model such forms for the current
state of FOP? Can I use Adobe Illustrator's exported SVG with any
expectation of clean output, or am I better of using a "Made with
Notepad" icon on my web app? :)


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