> What is the best tool and strategy to model such forms for the current
> state of FOP? Can I use Adobe Illustrator's exported SVG with any
> expectation of clean output, or am I better of using a "Made with
> Notepad" icon on my web app? :)

If all you are after is a page sized SVG graphic then using Illustrator to 
generate SVG which you embed in FOP is the way to go. I just did this with
a company logo. - but had to manipulate the SVG slightly to get it working
in my FO file.

However the text capabilities in SVG are pretty limited and so this may
not be what you want. I am worried about all the tables it sounds like you
will need.

There is at least one professional XML editor which claims to output FO -
but whether it is genuinely WYSIWYG or cheap enough for you I can't say,
not having used it. 



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