At 01:43 21-06-2001, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>On Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:27:40 Christopher R. Maden wrote:
> > I'm a little confused - why not do this with XSL, instead of hardcoding
> > it
> > in FOP's Java code?
>I doubt that you could do everything with xsl and even if you could then it
>would probably be very messy.
>The xml is simple, it only contains the necessary information.

That's sort of the point of XSL, isn't, though?  Make XML documents that 
contain the necessary information, and use XSL to style them for 
display.  One of the cool things about having SVG support in FOP is that it 
makes this kind of stuff possible - take an XML representation of data, and 
use XSLT to transform it into an SVG document that gives a graphical 
presentation of the data.

It just doesn't seem to set a very good example that when there's a 
practical application of XSL, the development team of the main Open Source 
XSL tool punts to Java.

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