Title: SVG -> PDF Transcoder (Beta 1) Released

A new way for rendering SVG images in PDF has been released. This adds
another format to the possible rasterizer formats for Batik. Also has
better support for embedding SVG images in FO documents.

This is a beta 1 release.

This uses batik (http://xml.apache.org/batik/) to handle the svg documents
and renders the result to PDF. Batik can be used to render the svg
document to PDF or FOP can be used to include svg documents inside the page

+ The PDFTranscoder can be used to created PDF documents directly from an
SVG file. Mime type is "application/pdf". Currently the batik.jar with FOP
is required for this to work.

+ Support in FOP allows for the inclusion of SVG documents inline (as
foreign xml) or as an external image. The SVG will be rendered in the same
fashion as the PDFTranscoder.

+ Handles all svg files that Batik 1.0 can handle. The static information
is rendered within the limits of PDF (1.3).

Here are some important FOP resources: 
+ FOP web site

+ download the new software at:

+ for information about Batik

The FOP Team.

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