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This used to work in .12 doesn't work in ,18 and up, I think it should, could someone look into it, please.
Underline isn't done and I can't move the underline inside of the Table Cell because of the way the document is generated. The table is used only for output to add line numbers.
<fo:block break-before="auto" space-before.optimum="12pt">
<fo:inline text-decoration="underline">
<fo:table-column column-width="155.708mm" column-number="1"/>
<fo:table-column column-width="2.324mm" column-number="2"/>
<fo:table-column column-width="16.268mm" column-number="3"/>
<fo:table-cell column-number="1">
<fo:block start-indent="0.2324mm" text-indent="11.62mm" space-before.optimum="6pt" text-align="start" font-weight="normal" font-size="11pt" font-family="Courier">
<fo:inline font-weight="bold">
Section 1. </fo:inline> That section 4935.03 of the Revised Code be amended to read as follows:
<fo:table-cell column-number="2"/>
<fo:table-cell column-number="3">

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