> John Wyman wrote:
> This used to work in .12 doesn't work in ,18 and up, I think it should, could
> someone look into it, please.

I'm quite sure it did not work in 0.12 !!
(And as I have done the code for text-decoration I should know ;-)

> Underline isn't done and I can't move the underline inside of the Table Cell
> because of the way the document is generated. The table is used only for
> output to add line numbers.

My first thought was that this is not legal XSL but after looking at the CR
I'm not sure anymore:
"If the property is specified for a block-level element, it affects all
inline-level descendants of the element. If it is specified for (or affects)
an inline-level element, it affects all boxes generated by the element."
As it is specified for a inline-level element the question is if the table
is a box generated by this elemnet ?

Anyway, it is is not implemented yet and I don't know when/if I get some time
to do it..

> <fo:block break-before="auto" space-before.optimum="12pt">
> <fo:inline text-decoration="underline">
> <fo:table>


> John H. Wyman


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