The FopServlet reads a .fo file.  This is of no use to me.  I will
dyamically generate XML contianing only data.  This XML will be in a
StringBuffer.  I first need to apply an XSL sytle sheet to this
StringBuffer, generating a new XML stream (IN MEMORY).  This new (IN MEMORY)
XML stream then needs to be ran through FOP to generate a PDF stream which
will be sent back to the browser.  The embed sample also shows how to
process .FO files.  This is not what I want!!!!  The ONLY file that can be
on disk is the XSL file which contains the FO tags to apply to the XML data.


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There is a FOP servlet example in the distribution of FOP :


I think it will answer all the beginners questions.
See the example section on the FOP site to see all pre-answered question
you might have in your beginning journey.
(starting with


At 10:08 06/07/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, I am new to FOP.  I have a servlet which dynamically generates XML.  I
>need to apply an XSL stylesheet containing FO tags to generate a FO version
>of the XML and then I need to run this FO version of the XML through FOP
>Driver) so the servlet can return a dynamically created PDF to the browser.
>Does anyone have a working example of how to do this?  Only the XSL style
>sheet containing the FO tags used in the initial transform will be on disk.
>Please help, I have to get this working.

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