Hi Folks,

I donot know why my previous posting has not been displayed, hence posting this query 

My problem is time taken to convert the fo file into pdf. The formatting comes out 
exactly as required using fop. But each report of say around 30-35 pages takes 1 to 
1.5 mins.
Since we are generating more than 1000 reports in single batch it takes lot of time to 
get the pdf reports.

The batch process is executed in Solaris8 environment on a 10k IBM m/c. The java 
memory setting is at 256m. Can someone suggest a faster way of executing this process. 
Each report has 50% of pages with images.

Any hints on reducing process time is appreciated.

By the way, I did tried 'htmldoc' as suggested by seshadri but i lose control over the 
format of pdf which is not acceptable.

Please send reply.

Best Regards

Raju Dave
Frankfurt am Main

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