I'm afraid
that PDFDocumentGraphics2D will be no option for you.
I used this interior FOP class to paint directly
with Java onto a PDF page, thus bypassing FO.

So, if FOP 0.19 (i.e. the introduction of Batik functionality for SVG)
didn't give you a push, I can only suggest supercomputing -
or a pledge to the creators of FOP...;-)

Jens Thieler

>-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>I tried using fop 0.19 on my reports and didnot find any improvement. But i
will >try PDFDocumentGraphics2D, i hope it works. do u have some sample
examples worked >out?
>Best Regards
>Raju Dave
>>Images seem to slow down FOP.
>>That's especially true for SVG images.
>>For a simple SVG with 4096 random geometric objects
>>(PNG dump with 1024 objects attached)
>>rendering to PDF took:
>>520 seconds with FOP 0.18
>> 12 seconds with FOP 0.19
>>  2.5 seconds using PDFDocumentGraphics2D
>>Perhaps you should try the latest version.

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