Hi all,

just for the case nobody is connected to the fop-user list (didn't see any mail since 
opening) I repost my question to this list.

I have to know if it is possible to calculate the content of the left page in 
dependence on the contents of the right page.

We have to print a book consisting of a paragraph-like left side content and a right 
side which describes the single paragraphs of the left side. The size of the 
description on the right side can have 3 lines up to 3 pages. 
And here is the problem:
There must only as many paragraphs on the left side as can be described on the right 
side. If a description exceeds one page, the next left page has to be empty.

Is this possible with FOP, maybe by render the right side counting the descriptive 
parts and then inserting the paragraph page before? If so, how has the XML file to 
look like?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated,

Erik Rehrmann - IOn AG

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